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02/17/09 04:55 AM #1    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Welcome to the Cubberley Senior High School Class Of 1959 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/18/09 10:32 PM #2    

Arlene Soares (Bridgeman)

Hi Diane,

Barbara Elmquist and I will be happy to help with the reunion. Should be much fun.

02/20/09 08:06 PM #3    


Winston Chew


02/21/09 12:46 PM #4    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

That's great, guys! Get in touch with Jimmy Bishop at There will be lots to do - somebody please do name tags - it's been a long time! LOL

02/21/09 12:48 PM #5    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Please encourage any classmates you know to log on and fill out their profile. I'll be printing up copies of everyone's profile to pass out as books at the reunion and it would be great to send them to those who are not well enough to attend.

If anyone is good with publishing that would be great. I am so so.

It's really easy to upload photos on this site. Just find it on your computer and upload. Unless it's monstrously big, the program will resize it for you.

03/13/09 02:27 PM #6    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

I found Madelaine Kornhauser MacCuish and talked with her and gave her information to get on the website. She is putting the date on her calendar and said she would love to attend reunion. She is in Southern California.

03/13/09 06:26 PM #7    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

That's terrific! That's how this forum can work for us.

03/14/09 08:16 AM #8    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Can anyone check to see if Michael Slinger is actually living in Menlo Park?

03/15/09 07:03 PM #9    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

I have been using to find classmates - sometimes phone numbers are listed with addresses. It gives approximate ages which can be helpful in identifing the right person. The book given out at the 40 year reunion has addresses and some emails too. I talked with Barbara Copeland Abernathy on Saturday and she is willing to help with the reunion also. bes

03/15/09 09:47 PM #10    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

I talked with Susan Pollner Strachan tonight and she is still in the San Diego area.

03/17/09 10:59 AM #11    

Judie Sherwood (Elliott)

So glad you have found some of the "missing" classmates. Anyone looking for a hotel room? I did some research and I found one for $109.00 at the Courtyard Marriott 4320 El Camino Los Altos. Does anyone have other suggestions? The rates are 250. to 550. at other hotels/motels in the area that I have found.
Judie Sherwood Elliott

03/18/09 02:59 PM #12    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Anybody in So Cal want to see if Alan D. Buckingham in Long Beach is OUR Alan? 562-434-6290

03/18/09 03:05 PM #13    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

How about Sherrill Butler (Martinez), Palo Alto?

03/18/09 03:12 PM #14    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Could this be our Dean Caruth, Sandy, Utah?

03/19/09 07:44 AM #15    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Maryel Huntwork is a missionary and is in California somewhere. Her mother died recently in the Bay area.

03/19/09 07:45 AM #16    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

I have unlimited long distance on my business phone so I will be glad to call any out of state ones where we don't have a classmate already.

03/20/09 09:05 AM #17    

Judie Sherwood (Elliott)

I will check out the 4 hotels/motels you listed. The ones I checked were Sherton, Weston, and Townhouse Inn (corner of Maybelle and El Camino). I jumped at the 109. rate at the Marriott Courtyard after finding such high prices at the others. So far Diane and I have a room at the Marriott for the week-end.

03/22/09 10:33 AM #18    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Found two listings for Stan Rose - one in Oakland 510-655-7980 and one in Menlo Park - 650-324-0457. Can anyone try giving him a call?

03/22/09 10:38 AM #19    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

This might be our Fred Deos - Portland Oregon - 503-452-8917

03/22/09 04:08 PM #20    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

I have been hunting!! Left a message with Stan Rose-Oakland, CA., I think Sherrill Butler Palmer etc is in San jose, CA., Talked with William Moody - in San Jose, Left message for Michael Stemen in New York, James Truffa I think in Hollister, talked with Lou Sugimoto and will do profile, James Prentice may be in Santa Rosa, and Leslee Newcomb in Ashland Or. and I talked with her too. BES

03/22/09 10:19 PM #21    

Kathy Peck (Lane)

I live near Portland, Oregon. Do you want me to call Fred Deos? We did not know each other at Cubberley, but I can call. Kathy Peck Lane

03/23/09 12:17 PM #22    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

I found and talked with Sherrill Butler Martinez just a few minutes ago. She is in San Jose and has been given the invite by email.

03/25/09 11:02 PM #23    

John (Boyd) Edwards

There is a member of our class whose two given names are the names of two people who were very important "players" on the world scene in the early forties. One was an American and one was not. Can anyone give the full name of this classmate of ours?

03/27/09 06:56 AM #24    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Wow, what a team! I located some more numbers today -

Alan Malmquist - Lakeside CA 619-561-8452

Jerry Krogh, Sunnyvale - 408-734-0706

Daniel Jew, Hayward - 510-481-3072

Donald Schmid, Fairfield - 707-437-2583

I am going to put FOUND next to the names of the ones contacted. I have NOT contacted any of the ones above.

However, left a call for Merilee Durham Worsey this am in Maryland.

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