Madeline Kornhauser MacCuish

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Madeline Kornhauser
Residing In: Pasadena, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: James A. MacCuish,MD
Children: Heather, born 1969
David, born 1971
Wendy, born 1973
Yes! Attending Reunion

I came to Cubberley my junior year and it was a very hard transition for me but, fortunately, I found it to be a very inviting environment.
After graduation Iworked as a dental assistant while still in Palo Alto. A job that I started my senior year at Cubberleys' work experience program. After about a year I was drawn back to Kansas City and I married my junior high boyfriend. I could go into why it wasn't the best move but what did I know at nineteen. After my marriage failed I stayed in KC working and going to school.
California and family drew me back home. My dream was to have a loving family and all that goes with it. And guess what? Three days later I met the love of my life and my dream came true. My sister, Joan, whose husband was in medical school with Jim. introduced us. By the way for those of you who know Joan, she is going to be my date for the reunion.
During Jims' internship we had our first child, Heather. She and her husband and almost three children live in Paso Robles. They have a very successful winery called Saxum and for all you wine lovers, the wine critic, Robert Parker, always ranks their wine in the high 90s. Our second child, David went to school in Humboldt and never came back. He has a computer business and he and his soon to be wife, Ash, are farming which is both of their true loves. David runs several of the farmers markets and Ash works on several of the farms that supply to the markets. My "baby" Wendy and her husband and three children who lived here until a month ago moved up to Paso and have a house next to her sisters vineyard. Owen is a computer "geek" so can work from home. Do you get the idea that I'm living in the wrong part of California. We'll be putting lots of miles on our cars. If Jim ever gives up his practice and thats a big if, we will move up to Paso.
While the children were still at home I was the typical "housewife" and loved it. I was probably one of the queens of volunteering. I was always taking all sorts of art classes and did professional calligraphy.
I love oil painting and have sold several pieces. I mainly do pleine aire. I've had a lung problem for the last two years and I am finally recovering. Thus I'm very anxious to get back to painting one day soon.
While the children were growing up we were in our RV whenever possible and have traveled from Mexico to Alaska and most of the southwest. It was great learning experience but I think that's one of the reasons they have all opted to live in the country.
I enjoy traveling abroad and have been to some wonderful places. I have to say my favorite place is Italy. Jim is a real train lover so we have traveled many places that we can ride a train. Our last trip was outside of Sedona at Christmas and it was one the most beautiful sights we have ever seen.

School Story:

There are a few that really stand out. Mr. Carlson, the art teacher offered me a piece of chocolate candy. After biting into it he was kind enough to tell me the filling was ants. Chocolate covered ants!!!! Maybe he thought the protein would help my art work. Remember Mrs. Donaldson, the English teacher? She impressed upon the girls in her class to never let your husband see you in bed with curlers in your hair. Jim and I happened to buy a house across the street from her daughter. Mrs. Donaldson and I had many lovely conversations about Cubberley and the curlers! This I will never forget because it was very stupid and potentially dangerous. Adrian Faden and I decided to play a prank on our boyfriends by stealing lite flares to put in front of their houses. We were very surprised when the police intercepted us and escorted us home. The next day a policemen came to school and we were called out of class and told we had to go to court. Our punishment was the removal of our drivers license for six months. I had just purchased my first car. What a bummer! A P.S. to our little escape. When the law enforcement apprehended us we were driving in our car with the lit flares

Coolest Thing you ever did:

Who remembers when I Love Lucy stomped grapes. Well I have had the opportunity to do this a few times and it was squishy and fun. Not a very productive way to stomp the grapes but my grandchildren and I think it is alot of fun. And yes, we have purple feet for awhile.

What do you do for fun?

We spend as much time at the vineyard as possible. Not only is the wine fabulous, all the fresh, organic food is unbelievable. My children are converting me to eating organically. There are miles to hike among the grapes, horses, cows and chickens. During my formative years I lived on a farm and I think the country is calling me back.

What was your yearbook blurb? Did you do what you planned?

I don't remember what the yearbook said but I will dig it out before the reunion. Has it really been fifty years. How time did fly.

Will you attend the reunion?


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I'm so glad to hear from you! I was so disappointed that you were not at the last reunion. You don't look so bad yourself! Remember all the good times we had? xoxo

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Hope to be there in Oct.