Our Teachers

You can refer to this list of our teachers if you want to make comments about any of them.  You'll have to forward the comments to me (cubberley59@gmail.com) and I will then post them on our "Favorite Teachers" page. 

Roland Bartholomew
Richard Finch
Jane Jaworski
Gordon Parsons
Dorothy Beerbohm
Alexandra Forsythe
Margaret Johnsen
William Peters
Frances Birkenbeul
Eugenio Gamez
Alice Jones
George Presley
Robert Bow
Mary Frances Gould
Robert Jones
Frank Ratliff
Pauline Brown
Careole Graham
Patricia Kutzner
Harold Riddle
David Buck
Don Granholm
Doris Ladd
Wade Robinson
William Burnes
Patricia Groff
Marian La Metre
Frank Romano
Harry Butterfield
Jerome Hathaway
Alice Larsen
Janice Rowland
Delwyn Carlson
Rachelle Larsson
Irene Seward
Phillip Collins
Sarah Herriot
Dale Leslie
James Smartt
Joseph Cronin
Henry Hilburn
Phyllis Leveen
Hamlin Smith
Shirley Ann Currie
Lucille Hofstra
John Lewis
Gretchen Scholtz
Evelyn Cushing
Robert Holloway
Josephine McBride
Robert Starkey
Lora Lee Dockstader
Douglas Hornbeck
George Millar
Bernard Tanner
Guy Doster
George Hurley
Margaret Miller
Florence Way
Maxine DuCoty
Peter Ida
Christine Motmans