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03/27/09 08:16 AM #25    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Wrong Allen Malmquist - San Bruno 650-872-3422

03/28/09 11:06 AM #26    

Kathy Peck (Lane)

The Fred Deos phone number 503 452 8917 is not in service. - Kathy

03/28/09 09:37 PM #27    

Sandy Collins (Hoopes)

Gloria Taylor Magee, has alzheimer and live's in Twain Harte area in a Alzheimer hospital. Her husband Ron will up dating her profile. I reconected with Gloria a few years back and it turnes out that our husbands went to school together at Fremont in sunnyvale.
Sandy Collins Hoopes

03/30/09 03:38 PM #28    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

Found a Carmen Cambra Minnies in North Highland, CA around Sacramento, but no phone # or address. Still looking.

Also found a Mikell Kilburn in Chico and called and left a message. Maybe the right one, I hope.

Found a Donna Givens Rodgers in Texas but she said she did not graduate from Cubberley.

03/31/09 06:25 PM #29    

Kathy Schroyer (Hubbard)

Diane: This is a great web site you have created. I only found it five days ago and have already gotten some emails from some long lost friends. I knew Barbara Elmquist in school just in passing. She has called me twice in the last few days and its been a "BLAST" visiting with her. I had been thinking a lot lately about our 50th reunion coming up, knew I would not be able to travel that far, but was not to upset about that. Now I am just sick about having to miss it. So being able to talk to each other thru your beautiful web site is a real blessing to me. I don't know about the rest of ya'll but I don't feel like I am old enough to have graduated FIFTY years ago. THEN I HAPPEN TO PASS A MIRROR!!! That's okay. If the price I have to pay to have grown up in the 50's and had all of you as my classmates is being old now, it is well worth it. Love to everyone. Hope all of your tomorrows are blessed. Kathy

04/02/09 03:43 AM #30    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Nancy Alexander (Schuetz0 - married Bill in Santa Clara - only William Schuetz I could find is in Half Moon Bay - 650-726-8739. Can someone do a little detective work?

04/02/09 07:02 PM #31    

Sandy Collins (Hoopes)

Diane Doxtator or Jim Bishop
I have the profile for Gloria Taylor Magee. Her husband Ron Magee gave it to me to enter.... Remember Gloria has Alzheimer and is in the hospital. They do not have Email.... Sandy Collins Hoopes

04/04/09 05:52 PM #32    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

More maybes -
Doug Dennnin, Redwood City 650-365-5260

James Truffa, San Jose 408-226-2371

04/16/09 09:27 AM #33    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

I found James Truffa in Hollister, CA and he phoned me to say that he had been found. He will go on the website and do a profile when his computer is repaired also will not attend reunion.

04/21/09 09:09 PM #34    

Janis (Jan) Andersen (Havens)

I can't believe all the people you guys have found. I started out doing pretty well, but lately.......nothing. Still trying though, and all of your notes have helped me cross people off of the list I had made.

Best to you all!!!

Jan Havens

04/21/09 09:50 PM #35    

Ralph Hiesey

I did visit Allen Malmquist many many years ago (late 60's). He was married (as I recall) and living in or near Kanab, UT or Fredonia, AZ, I'm not sure which. When I saw him he took me on a trip to see the north rim of the Grand Canyon. --Ralph Hiesey

04/23/09 10:51 AM #36    

Billie Jo Johnson (Cravello)

Dinah's Garden Hotel has some pretty good rates as well.
Several are staying there.
TC & I have reserved a large suite for hospitality arriving Friday the 10th. So all available for Friday evening come on by - booking is under Billie Jo cravello

04/24/09 04:45 PM #37    

Kathy Schroyer (Hubbard)

I found Lesley Campbell yesterday and emailed her immediately. Just waiting for her to answer.

04/24/09 06:35 PM #38    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

Found a Allen Malmquist in Page AZ with a phone number. I called and left a message but have not heard back yet.

04/29/09 07:14 PM #39    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

The number for Jerry Krogh is now a business phone. No luck on that one. Barbara, I think you are on to Allen Malmquist

04/30/09 12:16 PM #40    

Ellen Woomer (Collins)

I spoke with Allen Malmquist on the phone 2 days ago and told him about the reunion web page...amazing he only lives a few miles away in Page, AZ

04/30/09 12:19 PM #41    

Ellen Woomer (Collins)

I spoke with Norm Leal, he in turn said he would contact Janelle Swedberg. I noticed today she did register on but I believe she knows about the web site.

05/01/09 11:55 AM #42    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

I talked with Janelle Swedberg's son last week and she is aware that we are having a reunion. So glad to see that she has done the profile.

I am glad to see that someone finally got through to Allen - I have tried several times and left messages. Yeah!

05/03/09 09:33 AM #43    

Judie Sherwood (Elliott)

Does anyone have scapbooks or other Cubberley items from our 3 years there? I opened a storage container this weekend and found newpaper clippings of the opening of the school, football games plus the programs, school newspaper, etc. etc. Can't believe I carried it with me as I moved all these years. Maybe a table at the reunion with old memorbelia to look at?
Judie Sherwood Elliott

05/03/09 05:40 PM #44    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

That's a cool idea. Would you be interested in spearheading that effort?

05/03/09 05:49 PM #45    

Judie Sherwood (Elliott)

Sure I will spear head this. Besides the message board how else can we get the word out? I also have 3-6th grade class pictures from Hoover and then Fairmeadows. Lots of you are in these pictures. Look thru your trunks, attics, basements, and other storeage areas and find Class of 59 pictures and other memories of Cubberley.

05/06/09 08:38 AM #46    

Barbara Elmquist (Stouffer)

I have located a Jerry Krogh in Buffalo, SD, this might be the right one. The age given is 67. Called the phone number and left a message. Maybe?? Waiting. Still waiting and tried again 5-23-09 and no answer.

05/23/09 12:18 PM #47    

Diane Doxtator (Cox)

Good job, Barbara!

06/01/09 02:23 PM #48    

John Worthington

Believe the ref in the wrestling photo may be Len Doster, vice Bob Jones, who is getting ready to count down Ed Valencia as the winner of the match.

06/04/09 12:45 PM #49    


Winston Chew


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