David Krause

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Residing In: San Rafael, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Marla, married in 1968
Occupation: Technical Architect with AT&T (retired)
Children: Janet, my stepdaughter born in 1963, an educational analyst, married Steven Fulton in 2005. She recently More…retired after a fruitful career with the California Department of Education. Kevi, my eldest son born in 1969, formerly a paramedic, is also now retired. Karl, my middle son born in 1974, is a computer technician. Karine, my daughter born in 1974 (Karl's twin), is high school special education teacher. She married Derrick Rosenior in 2007. David, my youngest son born in 1982, is an Accountant.
Homepage: compellinglove.net
Military Service: Navy  

1959-1961 Foothill College (graduated)
1961-1964 U.S. Navy (Radarman, E-5)
1965-1968 SF State & other schools, plus retail work
1968 Married Marla Wadley (formerly Bishop)
1968-1970 Machinist, sales, service rep / duplicating machine repairman, part time student
1970 Control Data Institute (programming course)
1970-1996 Application programmer with Pacific Bell
1978 Golden Gate University (B.A. Economics)
1980-1982 Marin Bible College
1997 Temporary retirement, volunteer caregiver
1998-1999 Contract programmer with SBC
2000-2011 - Technical Architect with AT&T
2012-Present - Retired from AT&T, continuing to minister at care centers
Misc: Pursued studies in Eastern philosophies and religions from 1961 to 1976. Returned to my Christian roots in 1977. Since 1979 have been ministering at care centers on weekends. Grateful husband and proud father of five outstanding adult children.

School Story:

Enjoyed being in the band and on the wrestling team, playing in and winning chess tournaments, and getting to know and love some of my classmates. I am more appreciative now of the dedication of our teachers. My younger daughter, a high school teacher, says, "Teaching is the hardest job I ever had and the one I like the most!" Grateful to John McWilliam for organizing Christian meetings on campus and inviting me to a Billy Graham meeting at the Cow Palace where I went forward to receive and follow Christ.

Coolest Thing you ever did:

Prayed asking God if I could trust the Bible. He answered, "I wrote that Book."

What do you do for fun?

I love being an encouragement to the elderly and infirm at the care centers I have been privileged to visit almost very weekend for the last four decades.

Will you attend the reunion?


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I wrote this "brief intro" for my application to the Rotary Club in January, 2019:

I was born in San Francisco on November 22, 1941. I grew up in Palo Alto, California. I have a brother, Kris M. Krause, two years older. My mother, who raised us, worked as a waitress for many years. Our father, who visited often, was a carpenter for many years and then a contractor. In high school, I enjoyed being on the wrestling team, and playing in regional chess tournaments, many of which I won. My favorite one, at age 16, was in Sarasota, Florida, where I swam in the Gulf of Mexico between rounds.

After graduating from Cubberley High School in 1959, I attended Foothill Jr. College, graduating in 1961. Soon afterward, I joined the U.S. Naval Reserves, and served on active duty for about three years. During 1963 and 1964, I was on the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Coral Sea for multiple West Pacific cruises. One fond memory from that time was connecting with my Dad in Palo Alto from a small ham radio in Sydney, Australia.

After my tour of active duty with the Navy, I attended San Francisco State college, and later enrolled in a seven-month computer programming course at Control Data Institute. This led to a 38 year career in Information Technology with a telephone company successively known as Pacific Telephone, Pacific Telesis, SBC Communications and finally, AT&T. Eventually, in 1978, I also obtained a BA in Economics from Golden Gate University in San Francisco..

In 1968, I married Marla Rene. Together we raised five children, two daughters and three sons. Both daughters entered careers in education, and are happily married to outstanding men. Our three sons entered into careers as a Paramedic, a Computer Technician, and an Accountant.

In the early 1980’s I attended a two-year curriculum at Marin Bible College. Since 1979, I have been ministering on weekends at healthcare centers with New Life Church. My wife Marla is able to participate with me in this ministry. We have a time of praise and worship, a Bible study, and later I do room visitations with those who wish.

In the summer of 2012, after retiring from AT&T in January, I visited Israel with the Jerusalem Prayer Team. I made a return visit three years later in the summer of 2015, when I was able to become acquainted with more of the residents there. Marla and I have enjoyed attending meetings with the House of Peace / Beth Shalom led by Myles and Katherine Weiss, and groups from our church are now making annual visits to Israel.

Various members of the New Life Church in Novato are involved with ministry work in Africa, particularly in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and we have been supporting their ministries. In addition, I have become close friends through Facebook with a number of leaders of orphanages and schools in Kenya and Uganda. Our main area of support has been to certain schools and orphanages in Uganda, which led us to seek out possibilities of connecting a nonprofit philanthropic association to some of the worthy projects there.

Marla spotted Melissa Prandi’s ad in the Fall 2018 issue of North Bay Woman, where she mentioned "giving back to our local and global communities". This inspired us to contact her, and Melissa encouraged us to begin with the Rotary Club. It has been our joy and privilege to become acquainted with some of the people and activities of the Rotary Club, and we look forward to learning and participating more.

We were also excited to discover that the Rotary Club is very active in the areas of Uganda where the schools and orphanages we support are located. We see a promising future for our participation in Rotary in many ways! Thank you for welcoming us.

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Posted on: Jul 10, 2014 at 12:29 AM

My wife Marla and I in San Rafael, July 9, 2014, sporting "tie dye" tee shirts

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"Something new at 72" - first time "tie dying", with my daughter and son, July 5, 2014

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At Megiddo, Israel, September, 2012, with Jerusalem Prayer Team

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In San Rafael, November,2011, with Mitsie the cat

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