In Memory

John McWilliam


Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling.  Vice President of the Block "C"  "Mac" is planning on college, likes everything.  His hobby is skiing.


I am sorry to inform you that John McWilliam died in 2005, on Easter Sunday, from complications following a stroke.  Up to shortly before his death he was the coordinator for the Latin American countries for Medical Ambassadors International (now named LifeWind International).  I am on the mailing list of his surviving wife, Charleen, who is continuing in this ministry work.  In her newsletter for January 2007, she wrote:
We are coming up on the second anniversary of John’s departure from this old earth in order to go home with the Lord.  When I try to imagine what that homecoming was like, I smile as I envision the joy as he met the Lord face-to-face and then all the friends who have gone on before him.  Just imagine how many people were there in eternity to greet John, who was responsible for their hearing the gospel and receiving Christ.  I count it such a privilege to have been married to such a man.


David Krause