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Bill Schulte

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03/04/09 03:07 PM #1    

Jimmy Bishop

I worked with Bill’s mother, Margaret, at the VA in the mid to late seventies.
She related that Bill had been in the Army and stationed in Germany for several years. After returning to the Bay Area, Bill reportedly had accidentally fallen off a boat in Sausalito and drowned. I have always given little credence to this as I remember swimming across Lake Laguinita with Bill on numerous occasions. Bill was quite an accomplished swimmer and on a good day I think Bill could have swum across the Golden Gate channel. The story has never made much sense to me.

Lacking any other information I hesitate to venture more. Mike Couch was closer to Bill and Margaret than I; possibly he can add to this. I have no idea what Bill did before the Army stint. I talked to Tom Richards who served time with Bill in Germany; perhaps he can add some as well

16 april 09

i had breakfast this morning with jeff gardiner who said that we should reactivate bill. he reminded me that bill's body was never located and that gary snider is a great believer that bill had mob connections and problems so he went on the lam and created a whole new identity and life for himself. i guess we can hope...

07/20/16 08:02 PM #2    

Thomas Richards


Well a long time coming for me to tell my part of Bill Schulte story. I was bill's best friend for a long time. And they say "you are really never dead until you are forgotten". So bill is not yet dead in my view, as I have never forgotten him. He was a great guy raised in a morman family which he hated and lived back of Stanford in an old house. No father there and a troubled mom who klept a very messy home which bill hated (I loved it that he told me would sneak back in to his home when his mon was pissed at him and CLEAN IT UP!) he was an OCD guy, I guess like me. His mother kicked him out of their house and he lived with us on 2444  Indian drive PA for some time. He was a fair athlete I was less and he was very good looking with light blond hair and a good build. I loved the guy and e were very close. We went into the army together to Germany. WE were supposed to be together but the army said no. We went to different units. I think I talked him into the army because my stepdad was exarmy and we  had no idea what's the hell we would do as our grades were not the best, although bill was extremely intelligent, and a charmer. After the army bill moved to NY city and got into Columbia U. And did very well. He met a Danish woman. And was happy. I lost track of him About 1977 and then he died. I think the "mob thing" is just untrue, but who knows, I think he just  had too much to drink in Marin  and tried to sail a sailboat to PA in a storm. Bill was always audacious and that's how he lost his life. But, everyone who knew Bill Schulte loved him. And that's what matters after all, right? He made his mark on us.


07/22/16 03:19 PM #3    

Judie Iverson (Reed)

What I remember best about Bill was that he dyed his hair with laundry bluing and it took a long time to wear off or grow out.      Judie Iverson Reed





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